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1 19th April 15:19
roy rush
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Default Change cascading for Assign/Share in CRM2.0 - Your input needed

In our case it would be nice if we can choose which items get transfered or
none at all. When an account owned by user #1 gets assigned to user #2, we
don't want to reassign the opportunities. We have to retain the original
owner for commission purposes. If they all get reassigned to a new owner,
we can't pay commission to user #1. There may also be opportunities on
that account that weren't owned by user #1 in the first place, and we don't
want those transferred as well.

As for contacts, we probably would like them all transfered from user #1 to
user #2 except if user #1 doesn't own the contact in the first place.

Thanks for soliciting feedback. This has been a real issue for us and I'm
glad you are working on it for the next version.

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