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1 12th April 14:59
External User
Posts: 1
Default DNS problem?

I'm not sure exactly why this is happening. None of my users can get to When I clear the DNS cache, they can get to it for a few
minutes, but then it goes right back to being unavailable.

I don't have any problem with any other sites (to the best of my knowledge).
Of course this is everyone's home page, so its sort of a problem.

I have two DNS servers, and I've cleared the cache on both.

ANY ideas where to start would be greatly appreciated.


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2 12th April 14:59
steve duff [mvp]
External User
Posts: 1
Default DNS problem?

A couple of suggestions:

1) Try stopping and restarting DNS if you haven't already:
From a CMD prompt, "net stop DNS" and then "net start DNS".

2) I see this problem typically when root hints are used
exclusively and there is no forwarder. For whatever reason
it is usually and that are most frequently

If you aren't using a forwarder in your DNSen, and have an ISP DNS
you can use as one, try turning that on -- it will not fix the issue you have
currently, but should prevent it from happening again if that is the cause.

Steve Duff, MCSE
Ergodic Systems, Inc.
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3 12th April 15:00
External User
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Default DNS problem?

Steve, thanks for getting back to me.
We tried the first option, that didn't solve the problem, unfortunately.
We're hesitant to use forwarding as it slows down DNS resolution.

If anyone has any other ideas, perhaps there is some corruption in the DNS
files? Is there a way to rebuild them. We've run utilities that say DNS is
fine and healthy, but they could be wrong.

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4 12th April 15:00
william stacey
External User
Posts: 1
Default DNS problem?

forwarding, in itself, does not slow down resolution. In fact, the opposite
can be true over using root-hints (I am assuming your using root-hints.)


My first thought would not be corruption. However, as Ace has suggested in
another thread, it would be a good first step to run a *good and up-to-date
virus checker on the server, apply all SPs and retest. If still issue, then
we need to see what the DNS server is returning for when the
problem occurs. Does it return nothing, garbage, error, etc. Use dig.exe
and/or nslookup for this. We may also need to look at NetMon to see what
the server is sending and receiving from the clients and from the root-hints
or forwarders side. Also post an ipconfig /all and a dnscmd /info from the
DNS server.

William Stacey, MVP
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