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1 6th April 05:12
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Default Domain vs Wkgrp chngd VB app,now launch's Off.Instl

Background (questions are at the bottom)
I have a company laptop running Window 2000 Pro. While not really a Visual Basic programmer, I inherited support and maintenance for a small application. I was making changes and testing on the laptop at work normally. The laptop is configured for a domain here at work although I did not have the network cable connected. The actual VB development is done on a desktop machine, then the program is copied to a memory stick and installed on the laptop

I took the laptop home to continue development on my desktop PC there. Since I have a 10bT network at home, I thought I would make my life easier by connecting it, then I could transfer the install package without using a memory stick or CD. My home network is setup for a workgroup not a domain as there is no central server. I configured the laptop for workgroup instead of domain. I set the workgroup name to match the home network. When I restarted the laptop, the user name and password that I was using was no longer valid. I somewhat vaguely understand this as the user name was part of the domain not the local machine. I haven't quite figured out the details but that suffices for now

I was lucky that the Administrator (local machine I guess) had a default password. I was able to create new user accounts, etc

Now I attempted to run the VB application that had been installed before. I was not re-installing it, just running the previously installed application that had been working. When I did, it started the Microsoft Office 2000 Installer. The installer prompted that I was attempting to use a component of Office that was not installed and asked for the CD. I tried again logged in as Administrator and got the same results. I did not have the CD so I had to cancel and give up for the night

When I took the laptop back to work, I could not get it to connect back to the domain, even though I used the proper domain name, user name and password. I got the message user name or password is invalid. I had our MIS department get it reconnected to the domain. MIS renamed the computer. They said they had to rename it because the server already knows about the old name and will not allow rejoining the network with an identical name. This did not make sense to me and I had heard of someone else I know that was able to get re-joined to domain without changing the laptop name

Anyway, the domain connection was working again and so was the original user name and password. Interestingly enough, now when I ran the VB application it was able to find the Office component it was looking for and did NOT start the Office 2000 Installer

Why did the VB application cause the Office Installer to run

I realize it wanted to use some component, but why couldn't it be found in a workgroup configuration

When an application like Office is installed in a domain configuration, is the machine essentially split into virtual machines such as local machine and domain machine

Why couldn't I reconnect to the domain at work after reconfiguring correctly

Why did MIS have to change the computer name to re-join the domain

Apologize for the length of this post, but without the whole story, the questions are not as clear

Any help is appreciated

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