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1 30th December 23:18
External User
Posts: 1
Default full text not working: Error fetching URL

I tried to register query and tquery. Both registered ok but the same
problem still exists. I tried the recommendation from the article to
register all DLL's in the MSSearch DLL folder (bin directory). I did this
and still have the same problem after trying to repopulate the index.

The index item count viewable in EM shows a count of 1.

Any ideas?
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2 30th December 23:19
john kane
External User
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Default full text not working: Error fetching URL

Ok... on to plan B... While the Gather logs report hex error 8007007f, but
the message text is "The specified procedure could not be found" and as this
is a clustered environment, you *might* also find a similar message text but
a different hex code (80070002) in your server's Application Event log.
Below are some of the possible causes and workarounds for this.

Full-Text Search (FTS) Errors in a Clustered Environment:
1) An error occurred during the online operation for instance
<SQL Server Full text>: 80070002 - The system cannot find the file
2) The Gatherer property mapping file cannot be opened. Error: 80070002. The
default values are being used.
You may have to copy the property mapping file from the setup CD, or
reinstall the application

Some of the changes which trigger these errors are:
1) Changing the FTDATA folder location.
2) Changing the SQL startup account.
3) Failover of the sql virtual server.

Reasons why these errors occur:
These errors means that the data\config directory for the SQL server full
text application is not on disk at the location specified.
The mapping file is the first file it is trying to read, though, there is no
specific use for this file in SQL.
There are other files in this directory that are most likely missing and not
reported. such as noise files and
the fulltext schema file.

Possible solutions &/or workarounds:
1) One workaround is to copy the FTDATA config directory
(\FTDATA\SQLServer\*.*) from another SQL instance,
and take the instance offline/online.

NOTE: The FTDATA config (\FTDATA\SQLServer\Config) directory is under the
SQL install path, so it should be on the shared disk. Most likely it is the
registry key that has an incorrect value.

2) Using Regedt32, edit the following Register key and value:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Search\1.0\Gathering Manager\Applications\SQLServer
(REG_SZ) ApplicationPath

NOTE: After making this Registry change, you should failover. There are
additional files that MSSearch requires in this folder.
Additionally, you may have to grant the Cluster Service account ********
Full Control to the above ApplicationPath's FTDATA folder.

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3 30th December 23:19
john kane
External User
Posts: 1
Default full text not working: Error fetching URL

The bellow info while good is not enough to determine what is causing the
error "8007007f - The specified procedure could not be found" to be raised
on your clustered servers. Did you review the files and register key
settings and permissions from the below workarounds? If so, what did you
find different? Is the Schema.Txt under \FTDATA\SQLServer\Config directory
exactly the same as on your SQL Server 2000 Setup CD?

Do you have SQL Server 2000 SP2 or SP3 applied on this problem server? Could
you post the full output of:
SELECT @@version

There are some additional "extended" FTS/MSSearch debugging that can be
done, but these require SP2 or above be installed and most likely you will
have to open a support case with Microsoft PSS SQL Server support to pursue
these options....

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4 30th December 23:21
External User
Posts: 1
Default full text not working: Error fetching URL

Actually I got it from MSSupport but it was the same as the setup log file.

I guess it did not succeed during the installation (but I didn't know).

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