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1 24th June 17:37
arnie rowland
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Default Get SQL 2005 Server Licence Info

Often, the quality of the responses received is related to our ability to
'bounce' ideas off of each other. In the future, to make it easier for us to
give you ideas, and to prevent folks from wasting time on already answered
questions, please:

Don't post to multiple newsgroups. Choose the one that best fits your
question and post there. Only post to another newsgroup if you get no answer
in a day or two (or if you accidentally posted to the wrong newsgroup -and
you indicate that you've already posted elsewhere).

If you really think that a question belongs into more than one newsgroup,
then use your newsreader's capability of multi-posting, i.e., posting one
occurrence of a message into several newsgroups at once. If you multi-post
appropriately, answers 'should' appear in all the newsgroups. Folks
responding in different newsgroups will see responses from each other, even
if the responses were posted in a different newsgroup.

Arnie Rowland, Ph.D.
Westwood Consulting, Inc

Most good judgment comes from experience.
Most experience comes from bad judgment.
- Anonymous
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