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1 8th March 23:05
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All, I have an SMS 2.0 site (hopefully this is the newsgroup for it) and I
am trying to get a count on machines that have been recently logged into
within the last 6 months. Could someone point me in the right direction?
Maybe a T-SQL statement or a custom report? Query?

Please help.

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2 8th March 23:05
richard threlkeld
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If you want systems that people are actually logging onto with user accounts
you'll need to enable Win32_NetworkLogonProfile in your SMS_DEF.MOF or
create a custom tool on systems to track logons and report back to SMS and
then base your inventory off of that.

You'll also need to make sure that your Site Maintinence tasks are set to
more than 6 months so that the older inventory has not been removed from the
database. By default they are at 90 days which would need to have been
increased 6 months ago with what you are looking to do.

Richard Threlkeld
Microsoft MVP - SMS
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