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1 22nd May 19:17
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Default Help Please

Norton Internet Security has never made changes to the homepage.

I have no idea why there are individuals who are so fixated against a
product that they think it causes every problem in the known universe.

I suppose if someone posted a question about global warming, you would blame
it on NIS.

For the benefit of others reading this version of *ANY* Norton
product has ever changed anyone's home page.

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2 22nd May 19:17
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Default Help Please

Very few programs, aside from actual malware, change "home page" (portal
page) settings in browsers.

While Norton does not cause every known problem in the Universe, it does
cause problems on computers on which it has been installed.

Global warming isn't Norton's fault, but a certain failure of my Windows ME
system was caused by a Norton System Doctor propensity to write thousands of
0 Byte .inf files to the hard disk.

But NIS has cause enough grief that I won't recommend it to anyone for any
reason. Unless you like rebuilding your OS every six days.

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