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1 7th June 11:15
External User
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Default HIPAA: 837 Single & Multiple

The 'single' schemas treats the transaction as a batch, 'multiple' breaks
the do***ent into encounters. That's about the limit of my knowledge on
it. Please let me know if you have questions on this and I can try
engaging some HIPAA specific resources.

Larry Franks

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| Can anyone please tell me that whats the difference
| between 837profeesional_single, and
| 837professional_multiple.
| Thanks
| Jeff
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2 16th June 18:58
External User
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Default HIPAA: 837 Single & Multiple

The multiple breaks apart the 837 incomming for you. For example, if
you have one file with multiple claims in it, using the multi-schema,
biztalk will create multiple claim files for you in your output
automatically. That way, you don't need a preprocessor to split the

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3 16th June 19:00
External User
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Default HIPAA: 837 Single & Multiple

I would like to get a better understanding of this.

Using multiple Scenario:
If there is a claim with multiple ST & SE segments within
one ISA & IEA. It is split into individual files with
separate ISA, IEA, ST & SE for those individual files?

is that so?

example, if



to split the
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