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1 24th December 01:29
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Default \Inetpub\wwwroot\ directory

I have just installed IIS 5.0. on my W2K for web server. I
have done some major security setting as suggested in some
publications I read but now I realised that I shouldn't
have located my \Inetpub\wwwroot\ directory under C:\
(where my OS is installed). Instead, I should have located
it under D:\

Can I just move it from C:\ to D:\ manually, i.e. Copy/Cut
and Paste?

Many thanks.
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2 24th December 01:29
jerry iii
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Default \Inetpub\wwwroot\ directory

Yes. But you also need to let IIS know you did so.

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3 24th December 01:29
roger abell [mvp]
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Default \Inetpub\wwwroot\ directory

While you can do that, I question why one would
want to do that. I prefer to set a new otherwise
unused partition to have Adminsitrators Full at the
root, then build a directory structure such as
and some others for mgmt sake under each

Then, redefine where the website has its root
as x:\siteNname\root
following which, examine how permissions were
tweaked by doing this on the parent chain upwards
starting at x:\siteNname\root (and take into account
the principal to be used in place of IUSR_ / IWAM_
for that website)

If you just move all of inetpub
1. you may be moving things you do not want to have at all
2. you are moving your ftproot (if used) and your smtp all
too the same place, which may be (is) ill-advised

(Actually, at the partition root I also set a couple
other things, like an audit ACL for any failure from
any account, and deny of writes for the anonymous
users and web applications groups IIS lockdown
creates. These last cause the need to micro-manage
allowing write where, but only where, desired.
Also, you may need to loosen things a small amount
partially up the parent chain for FPSE authoring or
Asp.Net, both if in use and depending on version)
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