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1 28th April 14:19
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Default Interesting problem while Creating Activity Model

I have an activity model design and I am constructing my activity model from
this design. The problem is when I want to add a transition as I explained
below it gives the exception:

A non-loop transition with the specified child step already exists.
Steps can be the child of only one non-loop transition at most.

Here is my activity model design:
step1, step2, step3, step4, step5, step6
transition12 (step1-to-step2), transition 13, transition 31, transition 25,
transition52, transition 53, transition24, transition41, transition26

If you draw the diagram the transition from step5 to step3 throws exception
when I try to add it.
activityModel.AddStep(actionID, out step);
activityModel.AddTransition(sourceStepId,destinati onStepId,
isDependentComposition[false valued], "", "", out transition);

Do you have any idea about this problem? Thanks...
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2 7th May 19:43
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Default Interesting problem while Creating Activity Model

This behaviour is by design. As the APi tells you, any step can be the
child of at most one non-lopp transition. Put another way, activity models
do not support the concept of "merging" paths of execution which have

A simple example is: Imagine I have a root action, A, which has 2 child
actions, B and C. There's a transition from A->B and A->C. I now add an
action D, as a child of B, so I have a transition B->D. If I try to add a
transition from C->D, I'll get that exception, since there's already a
transition which has D as a child that is not a loop transition (the B->D
transition). This is simply a limitation that exists in activity models,







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