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1 4th September 17:58
External User
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Default issues with Win NT vs Xeon

Dear All,

Installed winNT4.0+SP6a on IBM x225 server having 1GB RAM
& 2.4Ghx Xeon Proc.
The CPU utilization is shooting up to 100% and remain
same if simple "dir/s" command is being run in command
Loaded with Oracle 8i is also running very much slow.

Please help with a solution if any...

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2 4th September 17:58
External User
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Default issues with Win NT vs Xeon

DIR /S also takes my system's CPU usage up to 100% and seriously slows the
whole lot down. Your point? (Actually, it is a little supprising - would
would have thought it would be I/O-bounded rather than CPU-bounded... I
guess it's the effort of actually *displaying* the results...)

Is it configured right? (If, eg, the redo log files are too small, it can
*seriously* slow the poor thing down...) What is CPU usage like with just
Oracle running? How much disk activity is there? These answers should
hopefully tell you whether you have some kind of disk-access problem (time
to defrag?) or whether it's a software thing. (Is some background
application hogging all the CPU time? Are your database queries designed

HTH a little...
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