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1 3rd May 02:16
randy gill
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Default Log shipping Monitor errors

I have two servers doing log shipping to the Far East.
After months of few problems, suddenly the log shipping
monitor is not updating the copy or restore time stamp.
I've checked the secondary servers and log shipping is
restoring fine and the enties are in the msdb database on
the receiving servers. I've run
sp_get_log_shipping_monitor_info and gotten the same
information as the monitor shows. No copy for a week.
but if I run a report we've created with the same user ID
I get the correct information from the primary and
secondary server tables. The wierd thing is sometimes the
restore entry is correct, but the copy data remains
incorrect. How can I get the sqlmaint.exe on the
receiving servers to update the information? Without re-
establishing log shipping on both servers. The only
thing we've changed about the time the problem started
was he run a DBCC five minutes after the log is restored
to make sure the data is clean. Nothing else has changed
in weeks.

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