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1 2nd August 04:54
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Default NAS & user profiles

Hello, I have what I hope is a basic question. I am considering the
purchase of a pair of NAS applicances for our company. It is my plan to
move all of our staff's (approximately 150 people) personal folders and user
profiles to the NAS. The specific models I'm considering are the Fastora
NAS-T2 and Fastora NAS-T2W (the latter being based on Windows Storage
Edition and the former on their own operating system that is modeled after
UNIX). As I've been doing my research, one item concerns me. None of these
units, including the Windows boxes, seem to allow access to any folder
without first prompting the user for their login ID and password. This
would be a huge problem for us. Why can't these units (or am I wrong and
they can be) be configured to allow users seamless access to their data,
provided they are logged into the domain? With a Windows server, no
passwords are needed provided the user is logged into the domain and the
workstation is a member of the domain. I had assumed that if the box was a
member of the domain that it would behave the same way. Is seamless access
to data possible?
Thank you,
Craig, System Administrator, CCPL heatoncr[AT]
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2 2nd August 04:55
pat [msft]
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Default NAS & user profiles

1) You should not be prompted on the Windows based NAS so long as it is a
member of the domain (i.e. a Member server).
2) (I work for MS so take this for what it's worth), if you are already
using AD and have a Windows based NAS box, you can use My Docs folder
redirection to further consolidate user data off of their workstations on
onto the NAS (which will also make backups easier). If you do that, you can
enable Shadow Copies for Shared Folders. This will allow the server to take
snaps of the clients redirected My Docs and (more importantly) allow them
(the clients) to self-restore up to 64 different versions. The restore is
built into the WinXP shell, so nothing to install there.

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3 2nd August 04:55
taizun kachwala
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Default NAS & user profiles

In your case it seems to me that NAS has inherent problem of authentication.
You must look for a solution that is more viable, cost effective & scalable
to any OS, any hardware, any user anywhere.
I am suggesting you to use SAN (IP SAN). In case if you want to know more on
this, do reply to me so that i can give you more info. I've heard about a
very cost-effective but rather more competitive solution from Intransa
( Do have a look at the website.
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