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1 28th April 17:40
nathan sokalski
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Default Public & Private IP Addresses

I am a user on a home network which uses Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
My computer is connected to the other computer on my network, which is the
one connected to our DSL internet connection. Therefore, my computer does
not have a public IP address. I have the XP Pro version of IIS on my
computer to use for testing out my web pages. However, because when a user
enters a URL using an IP address, they can only enter one IP address, their
browser will be unable to find my computer. I know the private IP for my
computer, the public IP my network uses to connect to the Internet, and the
name of my computer. What would I tell someone to enter in their browser to
view a web page on my computer? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Nathan Sokalski
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2 28th April 17:40
mihail testov
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Default Public & Private IP Addresses

Nobody can connect to your computer until you setup port forwarding on
your "router computer". It should be something like:
source ip 0/0 destination ip <your "router pc" IP> destination port 8000
redirect to <your PC IP> port 80
Actually I think you have to use some thirdparty NAT/PortFW solution.
Microsoft doesn't have any standard (as I know, try KB to verify).
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3 28th April 17:40
External User
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Default Public & Private IP Addresses

Check this out, a little bit of hacking, but it's supposed to work
(personally I use a firewall for translations and suggest you do too).
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4 28th April 17:40
mihail testov
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Default Public & Private IP Addresses

Are you sure this will work for Win2K/XP/2K3?
I don't have time for testing right now, but at the bottom of article is:

The information in this article applies to:

* Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
* Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

Last Reviewed: 8/6/2002 (1.0)
Keywords: kbenv kbhowto KB231162

And as I understand the idea... realisations are completely different
for NT platforms and DOS-based platforms.

But it will be good for check an idea !
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5 28th April 17:42
External User
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Default Public & Private IP Addresses

Dear NetEng,

Your solutions does not apply to this problem. simply because Nathan does
not have access to a Public IP. The DSL cannot not allow that. Access to a
public IP must be given by an ISP. It can be done by using a NAT (Network
Address Translation) or PAT (port Address Translation) or any other
translations available (firewall translations as claimed by few firewalls
[In principle every one uses the NAt or a PAT]).

This is a rough Idea how it works:
(Public IP) Internet --> ISP(Public IP) --> DSL Network+DSL Server (Public
IP) ---> DSLAM (Public IP ends here & Private addressing starts) a few
DSLAMs will allow public IP penetration but ISP's do not like that-->
Transmission through Telco's to Digital Network, Wireless or Radio medium-->
Nathen's Computer.

The below solution does not apply in this case because Nathen cannot see any
Public IP (All requests are multiplexed at one single IP at the DSLAM level.

hope this helps.
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