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1 5th May 16:11
c johnson
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Default re-installing XP

My computer runing XP started having problems and every
solution seemed to make it worse. I saved my Programs
File to another computer (forgot about the address book
and I.E. folders!!!). Then I tried a repair...XP
wouldn't allow I reinstalled XP instead of
doing the Repair. Well...I lost my address book and what
is worse all of my special folders I had saved important
messages (not Inbox, Sent, etc.)....

How do I get these back... I do have CD-Rom backups but
don't want to bring the whole system back with its
BOOK AND WHY DID XP over write I.E. and my address book.
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2 5th May 16:11
vms tech
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Default re-installing XP

Did you for a format and reinstall?
Or did you reinstall over top of XP without formating?

If you reinstalled over top of XP and did not format, your email messages
will still be there. I'm not to sure about your address book.

I just can't remeber the place to look for the email messages, But other
people in this form should be able to tell you.

Hope this helps a little
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3 5th May 16:11
clif johnson
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Default re-installing XP

No I did not format the hard disk.
It reloads the even if MS Word and all my
data is intact...I had to go back to reinstall the
application. (this is just one of the applications that I
had to 'reinstall' even tho the data and program was
intact. Maybe I should mention that I use IE to access
mail on comcast (cable modem) AND two hotmail accounts.

your email messages


messages, But other
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4 5th May 16:11
External User
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Default re-installing XP

Hi Cliff;
If you saved your Do***ent and Settings folder before
reinstalling then you have your lost address book and
folders at your finger tips.
For the Address Book:
Go to the Do***ents and Settings\(your account)
\application data\microsoft\address book
You will have to make sure that you have XP show hidden
files and folders for the above as well as the next
search for your folders.
Go to Do***ents and Settings\(your account)\local
settings\application data\identies\(a big identity number)
\microsoft\outlook express\(and there you are.
Hope that helps you Cliff

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