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1 2nd February 05:32
dean j garrett
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Default Report prep DTS step?

Oh sorry, I should have explained. I first tried to run the entire DTS
package, but it kept failing on the Report Prep step, so I then tried
executing the Report Pret step alone and it stilled failed. I keep getting
those errors about "source data contains no rows". Why?


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2 2nd February 05:32
robert bogue [mvp]
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Default Report prep DTS step?

When you say you ran the entire DTS package ... what package? One that you
created by checking all of the boxes in the wizard and saving it to a DTS

Did you process web logs?

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3 2nd February 05:33
dean j garrett
External User
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Default Report prep DTS step?


I don't know how the DTS package was originally created, but we have a
package that presumably populates the data warehouse and processes the
cubes. The package contains the following:

Config syn
Campaign data import
User profile data import
Transaction data import
Product catalog import
Web server log import
IP resolution
Report preparation.

Every task works except the last, Report Prep.

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4 2nd February 05:33
robert bogue [mvp]
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Default Report prep DTS step?


I know the answer is probably simple, but it's escaping me at the moment.
Typically I can get Report prep to work if I've done a web log import and a
profile import. It might be worth opening a PSS case. I'm sure they've
seen this before ...

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5 2nd February 05:33
External User
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Default Report prep DTS step?

Thank you for using Microsoft Newsgroups.

Check that the report preparation step is set to Full Processing Mode.

Do a search on csdwdbgsrv.exe in the product do***entation and use the
utility to troubleshoot. It is not very easy to read but it is helpful.

If not too much data has been imported and if it is a development
enviroment which I believe you stated that in one of the threads, I would
take a few steps back:
1) Remove the data warehouse site resource in the Commerce Server
Manager/Global Resources
2) Remove the data warehouse global resource in Commerce Server
Manager/Commerce Sites/Site/Site Resources
3) Remove the ****ysis data warehouse store in the SQL ****ysis Servers
snap in
4) Remove the data warehouse database
5) Using the same site package used to unpup the site, add the data
warehouse resource to your existing site. In this step, I had to manually
create a data warehouse database via enterprise manager and then go through
the custom site packager wizard.
6) Create a logs directory and copy the dummy log file.
7) Make sure you are synchronizing, importing logs, importing user profile
data and preparing reports DTS tasks.

Only do the synchronizing step, log import and report preparation.

Maria Quian
Microsoft Technial Support

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