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1 4th May 00:51
david aylott
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Default Sharing files over Win98SE

I have two PCs (A & B) networked. Each PC shares 2 disks (Full).

Sometimes this works fine - I can see both mapped drives from both

Sometimes, when I try to view the shared drives on B from A, explorer
locks up. The only way to close explorer is Ctrl-Alt-Del and then I
have to reboot. Even this process fails as all tasks require ending

Often a reboot fixes the problem but sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes I can view the files fine but when I try 30 minutes later it
locks up again.

I have had no problems viewing the shared drives on A from B.

The protocols on each PC are IPX/SPX and TCP/IP. Both are bound to the
network cards.

DNS is disabled on both PCs.

Any ideas on what I should look at?

Thanks very much

,-._|\ David Aylott (Melbourne, Australia)
/ Oz \
\_,--.x/ Shareware, FAQ, hints & tips at:
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2 4th May 00:52
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Default Sharing files over Win98SE

no, but sometimes using SFC and extract a new copy of Explorer.exe helps

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