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1 24th April 21:18
bob may
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Default Should a new product support 5.0?

5.0 handles most of what the 6.0 does. I see no reason why you shouldn't
support the 5.0 standard as that is all the basic HTML code plus some
microcrud add-ins that aren't supported by other browsers. 6.0 only makes
the differences worse for compatibility purposes.

Bob May
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2 4th May 05:11
sandi - microsoft mvp
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Default Should a new product support 5.0?

I'm not sure why you think you're 'slamming' anybody. Your comments bolster
an argument to support IE5.0.

My stats say that 28.75% are using IE5. If we go with your contention that
my site is 'biased' towards new systems, the fact that I have still such a
high percentage of visitors using an older version simply adds to an
argument FOR support for IE5.0, not against.

Another point in favour of the relevance of the stats provided. The original
question was about IE users, not about other browsers, therefore the
sampling is very pure.

You find it odd? There's no rule that says that only IE users may visit an
IE devoted site. Maybe those who are coming to my site and using those
other browsers are helpers and not helpees, those who 'have been around for
a while and.... have a lot lower tendency to go search for answers'

Hyperlinks are used to ensure answers remain current.
Sandi Hardmeier - Microsoft MVP since 1999
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