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1 16th June 13:09
e. thornton
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Default Small network with lots of features, questions

Your network sounds overly complicated to me. I can understand why internet
access is slow, because all the clients have to go through your server, which
is running 3 VM's, to get to the internet.

You stated that you would like to have the wireless hosts seperated from
your LAN. To do that, without using your server as a router, you need
another router.

I would connect your cable modem to the WAN port on Router 1. Set it up as
a DHCP server. Connect your wireless AP's to it with open authentication
(coffee-shop mode). Also connect Router 2 to it, set to acquire it's IP
address automatically from the first router. Since you will have 4 WAPs and
a router, you might need to get a small switch as well, since most routers
like that Linksys only have 4 ports.

Your server and internal LAN switch would be connected to the second router,
and on a different subnet. This is going to isolate your internal network
from the wireless guests, but still bring internet access to the internal
network. So it might look something like this:

Router 1:
WAN side IP address: ? (I'm sure you have this info)
LAN side IP address of router:
DHCP pool: - 254
Default gateway: ? (from your ISP)
DNS: ? (your ISP's DNS servers)

Router 2:
WAN side IP address: (on the same subnet as
Router 1)
Default gateway: (the IP address of Router 1)
LAN side IP address: (notice different subnet)
DHCP server turned off.
Set your server as, and run DHCP, DNS, etc on your server.
Internal LAN hosts use as gateway, and for DNS, of
course they will pick this up from your server's DHCP service.

To me, this seems like a simpler setup. Here's a very rough diagram:

---> Internet ---> Router 1 ---> Wireless clients
---> Router 2 ---> Server
Internal LAN

Best of luck,

(sorry I can't help with the VPN stuff, I don't know much about that)
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