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1 15th February 09:18
External User
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Default Spylogger class not found

I am trying to use microsoft jdbc driver with websphere. I
specified SQLServerDatasource as datasource class and
installed the appropriate stored procedures on sql server.
But when I try to get the connection from datasource, I
get the following error:
NoClassDefFound: com/merant/jdbcspy/SpyLogger
I figured out that this class comes in the spy.jar file,
but microsoft does not ship this jar with driver. Can
anybody tell me from where I can get this jar or the
solution for above problem?

Thanks in advance
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2 15th February 09:18
jouke numan
External User
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Default Spylogger class not found

In article <09de01c39fb9$451d2550$a501280a@phx.gbl>, says...

You get this when you enable Logging on the DataSource, eg. calling
DataSource.setLogWriter. This is not supported in this driver.
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