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1 17th March 18:21
External User
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Default TechNet Virtual Lab Problems?

Is anyone other than myself having problems accessing the Virtual labs

I am unable to launch any of the modules after logging in. Last week
it was fine, but this week it appears that all the modules no longer
work - has anyone else had problems launching the labs?

As soon as I click on the "Start Now" link, the page seems to hang,
and then I get a message stating the "Lab has ended" - when it hasn't
even begun!

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2 31st March 16:16
dave hendricks
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Default TechNet Virtual Lab Problems?

I was having the exact same problems on over a dozen different clean PC's. I
went throught the support link which brought me to Surgient, the company that
hosts it. I received a generic e-mail back saying to try to verify that my browser was capable.

On every machine, I failed ActiveX runnable and RDP. I built two XP boxes
from scratch with zero policies on them and plopped them in the DMZ, still
got the same results. As a last ditch effort, I had a co-worker try it and
it went fine on the first try.

I ended up making an image of his machine and then was able to pass the
browsercheck, but it seems that the login to the labs is down this morning.

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