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1 31st May 05:43
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Default Unable to upload file to server using "Pure ASP File Upload"


I'm using Pure ASP File Upload ( to upload a file from a client to a server. I am testing both on a local IIS and a remote server. The welcome page has a browse button (for locating your local file), a textfield where the path is displayed, and a upload button. When clicking upload a VB ASP script is run, and the outcome is displayed on a new page.

1. On my local machine I got the script to work partially. By partially I mean that the server responded to the upload script with a successfull response (i.e. you uploaded this and that file with size etc...). The problem was that the file was never uploaded to the actual remote directory.

2. The other problem is that now and then the upload script fails to run. What happens is that when I click Upload, the repsonse page is supposed to be displayed but the browsers hangs with the information "Contacting localhost..." in the statusbar.

I haven't been able to figure this out but it could be some settings in IIS. I'm running the standard IIS coming with WinXP Prof. It seems like the asp-script parser in IIS suddenly stops working, or caches a bad copy of the script?!? Even if I change it back again it seems like I cannot run the code anymore. As up until now it was first working, then it stopped working, I changed some settings in IIS and it started to work again, and finally it didn't work without actually doing much changes(with working I mean that the asp script is actully executed, no file has ever actually been uploaded to the file see 1.).

I know re-installed IIS, and now the script is executed, but the response page is telling me that no files were uploaded (which infact is true...).

To sum up. There are three scenarios. 1. The browser just stops and displays "Connecting to localhost...", 2. It displays a successfull result but no file was uploaded, and 3. An unsuccessfull result (no files uploaded) is displayed. All 1-3 seems to be shown without any changes to the code...

What IIS settings should I use for this to work? I'm using a Virtual Directory and add Read, Script and Write access. I've disabled HTTP-keep alive.

As this script surfaces alot on various websites I am sure plenty of people has tried it. Anyone with a tip for someone that is immensely stuck?!?


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