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1 9th March 19:29
chris roth [ visio mvp ]
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Default Visio Solution Publishing Tool & LCIDs

Hi All,

I've been trying to use the Visio Solution Publishing Tool that comes with
the Visio 2003 SDK.

For templates, you can set an LCID, which is 0 by default, and 1033 for US

On my machine, if I set it to anything other than 1033, then the template
does not show up in Visio's nice "Choose New Drawing" page, although
everything does get installed. (Even when I change my regional settings to

Problem is, I have a swiss customer that perhaps runs english on french
machines, or french on french machines. How do I get the template to install
"properly" on all machines?

BTW, if I open the msi file for the Visio SDK files, all components have
1033 for their LCIDs.

What is the Visio Solution Publishing Tool not telling us!?!?

- Chris.
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2 9th March 19:30
heidi munson [msft]
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Default Visio Solution Publishing Tool & LCIDs

What language of Visio do you have installed on your machine? Do you have
German Visio or MUI installed on your machine? When you change your
regional settings
what language version of Visio's UI is loaded (product UI,
stencils, templates, add-ons)?. Visio has an active language and it uses
that language and the registry info that come from
PublishComponent table entries from installed MSIs to determine what content
to display .

The following article do***ents the publishcomponent table entries that are
necessary to publish content
to Visio:;en-us;832029

The SDK publish component tool is designed to make it easy to change the
publishing settings for one file without spawning multiple
publications and as a result doesn't allow publishing the same file multiple
times. If you need to publish the same file for multiple language versions
of Visio in one MSI you will
need edit the MSI to an add additional row for each
language you wish to support. The rows added by the Publish Component tool
should act as a good template. The Visio
SDK MSI is a good example of what needs to be done. If you look at the
publish component table for the Visio SDK MSI and
look at the rows in it that correspond to the component IDs for various
Visio content types you notice that every file that is published to Visio
multiple entries -- one for each language version of Visio.

Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights
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3 9th March 19:30
chris roth [ visio mvp ]
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Default Visio Solution Publishing Tool & LCIDs

I would think that a natural option would be to allow the original version
of the solution to be available for ALL languages.

Sometimes developers want to publish a solution, but don't have the
resources for localisation in 120 different cultures. In our case, we are
producing a prototype, and don't have funding to waste half a day figuring
out how to make setup work for five or six different possible cultures.

Is there some sort of "force my culture on the world" option?? Sort of a
"USA" or "McDonald's" option, so to speak ; )

- Chris.
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