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1 20th April 19:40
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Default WebDAV address formatting

I am creating contacts using WebDAV successfully. However, I'm
running into an issue with the address formatting not matching the
format produced by MS Outlook.

For instance, when a US contact is created the country is not
displayed in the full address. However, whenever I create or update a
contact through WebDAV the country is included in the full address
(workaddress field).

Secondly I just tested an address for the United Kingdom and the
format is incorrect when the state field is used (the state field
would be used for the county for London addresses). The normal format
is as follows:
[Postal Code]

When using WebDAV to create an address for the United Kingdom the
following format is applied:
[State/County] [Postal Code]

Is there anyway to get the same address formatting as MS Outlook when
using WebDAV to create contacts?

Here is an example of the XML I am sending to the exchange server:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<Dropertyupdate xmlns='DAV:'
<c:email1>"#FullName#" &lt;#Email#&gt;</c:email1>
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2 30th April 05:27
tom rizzo [msft]
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Default WebDAV address formatting

Outlook does some magically parsing when you do addresses. I bet it sets
some properties that you're not setting. One thing you can do is create a
contact in Outlook, then scan it via WebDAV to see what's different between
what you do and what Outlook does.


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