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1 21st April 11:33
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Default Trying to customize pegasus...

Hello all,

I've been using Pegasus since the mid 90s. I took a break and used Mutt
for years, but since I'm back on bloze, it's back to pegasus. However,
the same things that have always frustrated me, still do. Alas,
Pegasus is the ONLY mail client on Windows, as far as I can tell,
that does NOT use the retarded Outlook format. (Even Mahagony insists
on default named folders that you can't rename or delete. Yuck!)

So, guess it's to trying to find solutions for some of these frustrations.

First: External editor.
Browsing messages, I see the answer is always a no. This ****s. I
want to use gvim. Pegasus seems to hurt itself at times replying
to cruddily formed messages (ie, the quoted text is off) AND
occasionally will, on a message reply, happily send the message
with *no text*. I've got no clue what this is about... my smtp
server (postfix) happily sends it, but there's no message body.
And, of course, I'm always hitting ESC to get back into command
mode when typing messages. Frustrating. Has anyone, if not figured
out a decent kludge to get Pegasus to use an external editor, figured
out how to do an extension to allow it?

Next: Toolbar.
Toolbars annoy me. Greatly. They're a waste of space, for me.
Is there any way to get rid of this? Would NOP'ing out the
calls to create it work, or screw stuff up elsewhere? I tried
just putting a blank in my mail directory, and after
deleting the .fft files, had a blank toolbar. Neat. But it's
still there. Can't it be gotten around somehow?

Next: Mailboxes:
I like things in Unix mailboxes. Bad idea, I guess. I was cleaning
up the directory last night (Wanted to compress to zip all messages
in a folder and blow it away, without saving each one by hand). Was
going through them trying to find the mailbox I wanted, and hit upon
another that was 2+ meg. Looked through it, found attachments that
I'd deleted 6+ months ago. Unix format, Pegasus wouldn't do anything
with this... no way of having it actually DELETE the messages from
the folder. My workaround, for this one, was to create a new folder,
copy all the messages there, and delete the old. New folder was 59k.
This ****s. There's an option in setup for when to 'recover deleted
space' or whatever, and I've got it 256 bytes modified before it happens.
Seems to apply to only Pegasus type 'folders' though. Is there
a way I missed? And, is there anyway to actually have folders/mailboxes,
what have you put into their own directories? Would make it easier
when I've communicated with someone regarding various projects,
and I need to keep the emails archived for reference, but no longer
need them.
IE, if I were to be, say, working on a Pegasus mail extension, it'd
be nice to have a *directory*, containing folders of people I'm
communicating with regarding it, and at the end of the project,
just tar the directory (with all the folders) and delete it from
Pegasus. I'd think Filing Trays would allow this sort of thing,
but it doesn't. Augh.

Next: Colours:
Gosh, isn't there any way of having more than the Pegasus default
white and the sys colours? Yechness. I know better than to ask
for any sort of skinning...

Hrm. Guess that's about it for now. All this is aesthetic type stuff,
not functionality. And, Pegasus STILL is the best UI... sad
when it gives more control than something like Mahogany (then again,
guess you could just roll your own version there, but, who wants

So, anyone have any thoughts on these? And, yes, I realize that
few people care about any of it, but, especially the sorting
of my actual mail directory, is a very needed thing for me.
(It'd be so swell to have Pegasus actually support Maildir
format... talk about making life easy!)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

(Sorry if this email sounds whiny --- I'm not of a happy state
now that I've got to go convert all my Unix mboxes back to
pegasus's format so as to actually NOT have deleted messages
sitting around!)
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2 26th April 22:09
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Default Trying to customize pegasus...

I've been after this for _ages_ (nice to see I'm not the only one that
wants VIM in PMail ;-). However, I think it's fairly unlikely in the
near future -- although there is growing movement against the TER32
editor, it's still very tightly linked with PMails code, and according
to David Harris, offers many things that other editors currently don't
or don't do well.

The possibility for updating the MBOX code has been raised on the beta
list lately, but the outcome was that it wasn't really a high priority
currently, as the format was seen, mostly, as a method of
importing/exporting mail folders, rather than an actual storage
medium. The whole folder management code may well be messed around
with sooner or later, as David is still working on the v4 folder
format, so MBOX might get a look in then -- at least to add space
reclaimation, but I can't promise anything as I'm only spouting
hunches here.

As for the archive matter -- have you looked at the "Add mailbox to
list..." option from the "Folders" menu (when the folders list has
focus)? This allows you to either attach to another users mailbox, or
to a plain FS directory. You could mkdir and then drag and drop those
extension related mail folders into that mailbox/directory,
disconnect, and tar it up externally.

Skins? Nah -- DH is too busy sorting out features that are actually
important to a mail client -- like makeing the IMAP code better.
Skinning is all cool and everything, but not really at the top of
anyones list ;-) (Would be nice though)

Python isn't it?

Maildir -- I can't see it happening, no matter how nice it'd be.

It's a pain isn't. I'm currently dividing my time betoween Windows
and Debian, it would be nice to have one set of mail, rather than
importing and exporting -- syncing all the time is a PITA.



Wondering of the vast emptyness of the 'net
in search of something cool.
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3 27th April 09:09
fred viles
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Default Trying to customize pegasus...

As 4.20 evolves, if IMAP performance gets to be acceptable you'd have
the option of running a maildir-supporting IMAP server on Debian
(courier-imap, say) and keeping all your mail there.

- Fred
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4 27th April 09:10
External User
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Default Trying to customize pegasus...

Ah. But at home here, it's all on the same multi-booting box. I
guess I've just got to shell out for some old parts and knock up a
small single OS server to sit in the corner -- I've been meaning to
for a while, but you know how it is...


Wondering of the vast emptyness of the 'net
in search of something cool.
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