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1 28th June 06:17
patrick van den borg
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Default ActiveSync install

I made the mistake to connect the device in the cradle via USB before
ActiveSync was installed.
Now I am not able to install it. When I start the setup-routine there are 2
task running: setup, I_SETUP but nothing happens.
I cleaned the Temp-directory of my PC so that there are no rests of a
previous install try, also there are no entries in the windows registration.
Any ideas???
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2 4th July 20:21
kyle homstead
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Default ActiveSync install


This appears to be a common problem, however, I have not been able to
resolve it. I have tried all of the tips in Mr. De Herrera's excellent
article ( as well as a many
other suggestions. The machine in question is a new XP pro VAIO laptop
which has not had ActiveSync installed on it before. I made the mistake of
having my iPaq connected via USB when initially attempting to install
ActiveSync, and the install has not ever gotten past the unpacking of the
files and executing is_setup.exe and setup.exe in the background.

- I have manually removed ActiveSynch (via the MS article), including the
removal of all temp files, wce*.* files, and associated registry keys.

- I have uninstalled all anti-virus, anti-spyware, and do not have any
pop-up blockers.

- I have attempted installing in safe mode.

- I have the same results with ActiveSync 3.7, 3.7.1, and 3.6 (from CD).

- I have tried a silent install with the MS switches.

- I am installing with local administrative privileges.

When I attempt the install by executing MSASYNC.exe (both locally and from
the download), it unpacks the files to the temp directory, executes
is_setup.exe and setup.exe in the background, and then just sits. If I copy
and relocate the unpacked files, restart (or kill the processes in
question), and then execute setup.exe I get the same results. If I execute
is_setup.exe I get similar results, but it does not launch setup.exe.

I am an IT professional who supports many clients with handheld devices, and
I have never come across this problem. It is on my personal computer and I
have exhausted 6 hours trying to resolve it. I have found a plethora of
posts with the same or similar install problems across many Pocket PC
related forums, many of which remain unresolved.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Kyle Homstead

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