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1 20th May 13:29
sean house
External User
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Default I'd like to solicit some recommendations on hardware/software purchases ....?

I've been keeping my eyes open for an appliance that satisfies several
needs, but I have yet to find the one all around solution. I'd appreciate
any product / product combination recommendations.

Here's what I want from my preferred "device":

#1) A combination PDA and mobile phone that runs on the AT&T Network [AT&T
because I work all over the US but I reside ( "weekend") in Canada, and AT&T
has the best coverage for my commonly visited cities].

#2) 802.11b and GPRS, because I want to use my PDA on my home WiFi network
and at Starbucks [802.11b] etc. and while on the road [GPRS].

#3) Bluetooth and voice-dial support because the appliance will likely be
bigger than a regular mobile phone, so I want to be able to just wear a
headset and leave the device in a bag/briefcase until I need to use the PDA

#4) A "Nice to Have" would be the option to have two phone numbers [so I can
segregate "personal" and "work" phone calling plan billing]. I don't expect
anyone to offer a solution for this option, but I thought I'd throw it in
while do***enting my wish list. I've toyed with the idea of buying a GSM
phone and swapping SIM cards, which meets the need of having a single phone
but not the need to have both phone numbers active at all times.

You'll note that I don't feel a strong "need" for MP3 support or a PDA
Camera... my biggest business driver is to have one device with one phone
list and one schedule that I can take on the road.

Possible Solutions:

A) I've researched a little the Siemens Phone that AT&T offers (SX56) but
there is no 802.11b support and more importantly no option to add 802.11b
via expansion card.

B) I've also considered the IPAQ 5555 in combination with a Sierra Wireless
Aircard but the Sierra Website implies that the card might not be aware of
the Bluetooth support in the PDA [this is really an inference of mine -based
on a statement they made about not supporting the use of the speakers on the
PDA but instead requiring the direct connection of a headset to the card].

Any suggestions on what I could bundle together to meet my needs? Should I
just keep waiting for new products that could address these needs?

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2 20th May 13:31
helio diamant - ms-mvp/mobile devices
External User
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Default I'd like to solicit some recommendations on hardware/software purchases ....?

You still cannot find in the US (and I think also worldwide) a device with
Phone, Bluetooth and Wifi. Some people say we are about to have the first
towards Christmas, but this is just gossip. I am also waiting for one.

************************************************** ***
Helio Diamant - MS/MVP, Mobile Devices
The Hebrew Pocket PC site
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