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1 22nd April 09:14
john o
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Default Powerpoint freezes computer

Virus scanners and Norton sometimes cause a lot of trouble, and Win 98
itself is quite touchy. Put all three on the same box, and stuff happens.

If PowerPoint is critical to your business, then you should consider a
better operating system. Win 2000 SP-3 is possibly the most stable Windows
OS ever. XP ain't bad either, but you have to switch off that teletubby
interface first. :-)

Bottom line: Win 2k and XP don't crash because of software. Once installed
properly (no OS upgrades, please!) on solid hardware, you'll wonder why you
didn't switch sooner. You could probably add 512M of RAM for $50, a 160 GB
HDD for ~$100, and you have all the hardware you need.

John O
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