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1 22nd July 23:55
eddie allen
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Default CAL question

I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me. What
is the dif between device cals and user cals? At the moment I have sbs2000
with 50 cals. From my understanding I should just the but the upgrade to
sbs and then as many users cals as I have users correct since I really dont
need 50 anymore? Do I have to buy the device cals as well for all the
devices on the network or does a user cal cover the user with whatever
device they are using?


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2 22nd July 23:56
merv porter sbs-mvp
External User
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Default CAL question

Hi Eddie,

Take a look at

Pricing and Licensing for Windows Small Business Server 2003

You will probably be better off with User CALs. SBS 2003 comes with 5 CALs
built-in. These can be assigned as either User or Device, or a combination
of the both. This can be handy. If you have a Terminal Server, it will
consume a CAL, so designate this one as a Device CAL. Sometimes 3rd party
software (AV software) consumes a CAL (difficult to tell as there's no way
of determining this in SBS 2003).

You can buy the SBS 2003 "Version Upgrade" product and then buy as many
"VUP" CALs as you need (sold in lots of 5 and 20).

Merv Porter [SBS MVP]
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