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1 2nd May 10:25
External User
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Default anti-retribution

Instead of continuing retribution against Jason Dunn and
Robert Levy, I have removed any NEGATIVE information from
pages at msmobiles relating to them:

- web page about Jason Dunn

- web page about Rorbert Levy

and related news items:

I neither hate, nor despise them. I have really other
things in mind, than fighting them or making fun of them.
I am hereby getting over it and continuing to concentrate
on bringing content to readers at msmobiles and on some
other hobbies of mine not related to cell phones or to
PDAs at all. I don't expect them to do the same, but it's
not my business..


And if somebody will notice something at msmobiles that
is not complying to "content first, ego last" principle,
then let me know please and given item will be corrected.

I've been blogging about cell phones since 1996, and in
English since 2000. All I want is to have some fun from
my cell phone passion. I am not interested in
interpersonal fights anymore, in which I got by mistake
involved in. Not anymore. Cell phones are yummmy.

-- - coming soon an article: "Zen and
Art of Microsoft smartphone".... followed by similar one
about Pocket PC phone...
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2 22nd May 08:07
ed hansberry, ms-mvp/mobile devices
External User
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Default anti-retribution

"Ed Hansberry, MS-MVP/Mobile Devices"

And again 4 days later at
__________________________________________________ ________________________________
Ed Hansberry (Please do *NOT* email me. Post here for the benefit of all)
What is on my Pocket PC?
Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices
What is an MVP? -
ActiveSync problems? -
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3 22nd May 08:08
david conger, ms-mvp/mobile devices
External User
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Default anti-retribution

Just curious, but why can't you remove them? I am pretty sure they aren't
like the glue that binds your site or anything like that.

MS-MVP - Mobile Devices
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