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1 2nd June 02:27
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Default SmartPhone 2002 Dev Kit -> Where to begin ??? (or $499 paper weight ?)

OK so after having spent $499.- I get a SmartPhone 2002 phone that is
already outdated due to SmartPhone 2003.

On top of that the SmartPhone 2002 SDK is extremely poor to work with. I
feel like I have been transported back to MS C 1.0 days.

While the API reference is available, the following is lacking:
1. A proper get started tutorial that shows how to start a project, step by
step on how to write a "Hello World" application, and gradually takes the
developer to more and more sophisticated features of the SDK and phone.
2. A guide to the samples, this sample demonstrate the following features:

Where the heck do you expect developers to start ???

Tell me what I need to know to develop on the smartphone !

This DevKit, and then what ? Conferences ? When/where ? Training ?

How much is this going to cost me ??? What is my ROI on this ???

You guys have no clue on how to make it in this business.

I'm a shareholder and I hate this waste of shareholder capital.
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