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1 25th July 07:00
External User
Posts: 1
Default HL7 to flat file

Does anyone have logic to take an hl7 file format and create a flat file.

I am having a bit of difficulty..............

Any help would be a lifesaver....


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2 25th July 07:01
hugo kornelis
External User
Posts: 1
Default HL7 to flat file

Hi Greg,

I'm afraid you've chosen the wrong group. This group is a support group
for Microsoft English Query, a company product of Microsoft's SQL Server
database. I've never heard of the hl7 file format, but a quick google
indicates that this is has something to do with health services. Anyway,
converting one file format to another is not a typical database task.
I'd look into writing a batch program in a programming language of your
choice, googling for an of-the-shelf conversion utility, or finding an
other group that is more suitable to this question.

Best, Hugo

(Remove _NO_ and _SPAM_ to get my e-mail address)
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