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1 25th July 09:13
External User
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Default SQL Query Help Please....(you gurus should know it).

1. I have a table of Service Request Status Changes.
2. Each time the Service Request is updated, a new RevisionID is generated
which shows what the revision was.
3. The Service Request can be updated several times in a month.
4. I need to report on how many distinct Service Requests were updated in a
month if their last revisionID was created in that month.


SR RevID Changed Date Changed
134 1 Contact Name 11-01-2005
145 1 Target Date 11-02-2005
145 2 Contact Name 11-02-2005
145 3 Approval 11-19-1005
165 1 Target Date 11-28-2005

My report should show that there were only 3 Service Requests that were
changed in the Month and last status is: 134=Contact Name, 145=Approval,
165=Target Date. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2 25th July 09:14
hugo kornelis
External User
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Default SQL Query Help Please....(you gurus should know it).

Hi Erin,

You posted the same question in microsoft.public.sqlserver.server, where
it is already answered.

In the future, please post questions to one group only. And if you
really feel that a question fits two groups, then post one single
message to both groups instead of posting individual copies. This helps
to prevent people from wasting time answering a question that has
already been replied to in another group.

(How you post to several groups at once depends on the software you use
to post, but most software allows you to supoply a comma-seperated list
of groups when you post)

Best, Hugo

(Remove _NO_ and _SPAM_ to get my e-mail address)
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