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1 11th April 04:35
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Default adding more data files to a database

I think it has more to do with how you have your disk's
layed out. If you are putting these files on separate
disk drives then you should see improvement in overall

For example, if you have a SCSI Disk Drives that has
an effective rate of 40mb/Second and have files on
separate you would see some improvement(unless there
is other activity going on with the other drive).

Also, if you have several datafiles on the same disk then
their will be increased contention as the heads have to
go to several spots on the disk to get the information you

If you are using Raid and have striping then having seperate
files would be distributed across the number of drives you
have. Even one file would benefit from the striping. For
fault tolerance you would want RAID 10 for Mirroring as well.

Any corrections are welcome.

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