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1 6th October 09:26
ret.gen.perkaunas mirtis puodzunius
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Default Redemption Centers: Bill of Distribution

Computer Distribution: My Report. (Free To Create and Implement!!!!)
In The Old, But Still Valid Shortwave Radio Arena, When One Came In To
Possession of A New Radio. It Was Said To Share or Give and Pass The Hat To
A Future To Be Educated. I'm Meditating On The Onslaught of The Computer
Literate Demigods of Olympus.. In Our "Lofty" Thoughts. That It Might Be
Time, Time We Slow Down Our "Speed of Thought" Perpetual Motion, To Include
Our Less Fortunate "Family" In Under-Developed Conditions, That We Do Not
Create A Second Class of Citizenry.. As Controlling Demigods and A
Sub-Servient Class.. That's Illiterate, President George Bush's Mother
(Barbara) Is An Expert At Illiteracy, Oprah Winfrey Predicted This in Her
Research In One of Her Television Shows, Bill Gates Is Attempting To
Implement Programs of Giving World-Wide Under U.S. Standard Procedure. So
I'm Not Sure Where All These Feasible Machines Will Be Found To Be Recycled
Into Our "Global" Union. But They're Here, There and Abouts To Bring
Literate Fundamentals To A Breed To Encompass Humanity. Ideas As Such Were
Created In Certain Disasters.. Clothing For Earthquake Victims, Food For
Drought Stricken Villagers.. This Is A Must Do Situation, Or We're Failing As
The Brotherhood of Man. I Know of Two Friends That May Be Storing Old
Computer Equipment, That Don't Know What To Make of It Just Sitting There.
This Is Similiar To Those Turn In Your Gun Programs To End Violence, Not To
Incapacitate Your Safety But Improve Our Peace Efforts, In Literacy. Give A
Man A Fish, He Has Fish For A Day, Teach A Man To Educate Himself Through The
Keystrokes of Computer.. We're All Educated or Communicate Equally.. As
Ladies and Gentlemen of The Human Condition. Demigods Not, Hands Around The
World, Is Not Cheating Ourselves of This: "Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God
and His Righteousness, and All Good Things Will Be Added Unto Thee". This
Righteousness Is Found In Every Man A Gift, Talent and Blessings.. That
Nurtured and Guided Properly Brings About "Thee All Good Things".. That Are
Indwelt In All of Us. Let's Not Rob The Minds That Offer If Given The Tools..
and All Will Be Well.
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