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1 14th July 07:20
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Default IPSec between 2 win2k servs... help

Hi there,

Can IPSec work between 2 win 2k standalone servers which are on the same ip
range/subnet (eg. 192.168.0.x)?

Do i need RRAS installed?

Yes - if they're on different IP ranges??

I'm having real problems with the tunnel itself. I can create the tunnel but
i'm getting no stats show up ipsecmon!??

when i do a netdiag /test:ipsec /debug it does show active filters and say
passed but as i am not getting any stats or SA's showing i doubt its
actually created.

Also, If i change the encryption on one end surely i should lose the tunnel
and not be able to ping?

Thanks for any responses,

PS: If this question belongs in another forum please tell me which...
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2 14th July 07:20
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Default IPSec between 2 win2k servs... help

two sites should use different IP. this page may help,

ipsecAudit Policy: To troubleshoot IPSec when it does not behave the
way that you expect it to, first check the results of the Phase One
and Phase Two exchanges ...

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