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1 14th July 22:38
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Default Need workaround to DisableDHCPMediaSense

I have a new laptop that has both the Gigabit NIC and WLAN adapter and a
docking station. I also use Group Policies. I want it so the user can take
the laptop out of the docking station that is using nic and easily
transition to the WLAN by just turning on the hotkey that starts the WLAN

The problem is that the registry entry for disabling media sensing. It
seems I need this entry on computers that have Gigabit adapters in order to
prevent GPs from failing at startup. Unfortunatly, when I undock, the NIC
will still keep the IP address even though the NIC is disconnected and
laptop keeps trying to access the network via that adapter and IP adress
rather than the WLAN.

If I use the MS solution below, this user's GPs that administer software
installs at startup will work, but then switching to the WLAN will be a pain
and prone to problems because I will have to show the users how to manually
disable the NIC rather then just using the hot key. Is there a way to make
sure the users with Gigabit adapters get the GPs with the software installs
and still allow media sensing so the NIC will disable when undocked.;en-us;326152
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