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1 24th April 07:36
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Default DHCP configuration questions.

I have a Windows 2000 network.
2 Windows 2000 Servers both running AD on a single domain.
2 Linux Bind DDNS servers working great with AD.
50 Windows 2000 Professional Workstations.

At this point I am running static IP addresses on all my workstations.
I would like to update them all to DHCP but I am not sure how I can
do it. The way I stop my shop users from accessing the internet is by
blocking any outgoing access from their IP addresses on my firewall.
If I install DHCP how can I determin which machines I need to block on
my firewall to disallow access to the internet? Or, is there a better
way to do this?

My network is pretty much unchanging except for upgrading machines
every few months. What should I set my lease value to?

I only have DHCP installed on my primary server. Would it be smart to
setup a secondary DHCP server on my secondary server? Is this
possible to do without having to set two different IP ranges for each

Thanks much for the help.

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2 24th April 07:37
charles mcmillan
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Default DHCP configuration questions.

You could still block the IPs from accessing the
internet. Block the IPs that you have assigned to your
DHCP scope. For those comuters that need access to the
internet assign static IPs.

Not knowing which firewall you are using I can't tell you
if there is a better way to block the internet. You might
be able to do it by MAC address or by Machine name.



sure how I can

internet is by

my firewall.

need to block on

there a better


it be smart to


ranges for each
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