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1 18th December 19:44
External User
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Default Computer starts when phone rings

Win 98. New external modem
Land line dial-up.
When phone rings and hand set is picked up, the computer
connected to that land line starts from off position!
is it a gohst? where can we stop auto start?

Thanks. (writting for mother-in-law)
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2 18th December 19:44
wesley vogel
External User
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Default Computer starts when phone rings

I am not an expert, however in your computers' BIOS there is probably a
setting something like; On modem ring: [Power On] If you are comfortable
going in and changing the value in the BIOS you can change [Power On] to
something like [Stay off]. If you are not comfortable (and I would not
blame you if you are not) fooling around with the BIOS can cause more
problems if you are not sure what you are doing.
Another *fix* I might suggest would help you in three ways. Purchase a
Surge Protector, one that has phone jacks included. Plug your computer,
printer, monitor, modem, etc. into the included outlets. Plug your phone
line and modem into the phone jacks. Use the power switch on the surge
protector to turn every thing off and on.
Benefits would include; 1=All your computer equipment will be OFF,
including your modem. 2=Surge protection for all your computer equipment
including the 3= Phone line.
FORGET the BIOS stuff, go with the other suggestion.
I hope this helps. I don't want to retype this, so benefit #4 would be
that Surge Protectors are relatively cheap, a lot cheaper than buying new
computer equipment.
I hope this helps.

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3 7th March 14:01
External User
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Default Computer Starts When Phone Rings

I was working on someones computer. It starts up when the phone rings.
I have checked the BIOS and i see nothing in there that indicates
start up when they get a call. Ive disabled power managment in the
BIOS completely and it does not fix the problem. I have set the power
button to on/off and not to standby and this also does not help. I
have checked properties on the modem itself and i see no setting for
it either. The computer is a gateway, k6. It has a Robotics modem and
they are using AOL for internet access.
The persons computer also has a program that boots up with cyber
patrol on it. You can not close this program. I have tried to take it
out of start up and cant and i cant get into the program to see if
there is a setting in there to have it come up during boot up. I read
the readme file on it and it says to not do anything to it or it will
affect your internet access. Is this something AOL or gateway puts on?
Its rather annoying.
Any information on these 2 topics will be greatly appreciated. My
email is
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4 7th March 14:01
External User
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Default Computer Starts When Phone Rings


I have a similar problem with my Dell XPSR400 (1998 vintage). The
"feature" is called "Wake on Ring". Dell was supposed to make a
new BIOS available so it could be disabled, AFAIK they never did.

If your modem is an external, you could cut the Ring signal wire,
pin 9 on a 9pin port; or pin 22 in a 25 pin port. If internal, no
help, unless someone else knows what traces to cut on PCB.

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5 7th March 14:01
External User
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Default Computer Starts When Phone Rings

Many mobo have the wake on ring capability. Most can be
disabled in the bios.

if not one other option is to turn your modem off when you
shutdown (it is just ****ing power doing nothing anyway).

I turn all my peripherals off when I shutdown (turn off the
main switch on the powerboard) purely to not waste power.


signal wire,

internal, no
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