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1 4th May 01:50
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Default trouble booting after formatting hd

I've tried to reinstall 98se after formatting my hard
drive using ez os install floppy, 98se cd etc. ultimately
trying to install xp pro over as new inst. on hp pavillion
tx 953. a couple of times I've gotten through the 98se
inst. but only half way through xp and now I must have
setup configuration way messed up it just keeps on saying
either no os found or replace w/sys disk and hit any key
and now I'm unable to access step-by-step by holding down
Ctrl key durring start-up. one more message at start-up
now and then, (depending which boot method used), says
type in command interpeter (e.g.,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)
and displays A> last but not there a jumper on
my board somewhere that clears cmos the board is a
ms1171258pe45-m8pe54-a03-02598 if that's any
consolation??? I've successfully done several times on my
pc this very same operation plus I've check the disks that
are being used over & over on my pc so.........whaddaya
think should I toss in the towel yet???? Or doya think
that there may still hope for my buddy's pavillion?
Thanks for the ear either way
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2 24th May 00:07
ron badour
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Default trouble booting after formatting hd

Try installing XP Pro to a clean (formatted) hard drive and then use the W98 CD as proof of a qualifying system during the installation process. If you continue to have problems, post to an XP newsgroup for help.


Ron Badour, MS MVP W98 System
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