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1 18th April 19:34
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Default ISAPI and forms authentication

we have a ASP .net 2.0 website. We are moving from NT authentication to
Forms authentication based on a users table in SQL Server. I also have couple
of ISAPI DLL. How can I use the same authentication for these ISAPI extension
DLL? We don't want to ask the user to authenticate again if they access these
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2 19th April 11:20
wade a. hilmo [ms]
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Default ISAPI and forms authentication

Hi Kabira,

I don't believe that this is possible in IIS 6. IIS 7 will support this.

If you have Vista and want to try it, you can use the version of IIS 7 that
is included. The full-blown server version of IIS 7 will release with the
next release of Windows Server.

Thank you,
-Wade A. Hilmo,
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3 25th April 07:56
david wang
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Default ISAPI and forms authentication

On IIS6, configure aspnet_isapi.dll of ASP.Net 2.0 to be wildcard
application mapping in the vdir containing the ISAPI Extension DLLs,
making sure that .dll extension gets handled by the DefaultHttpHandler
httpHandler in ASP.Net, and you should be able to apply ASP.Net Forms
Authentication for users accessing the ISAPI Extension DLLs.

It's the same approach to apply ASP.Net Forms Auth on ASP/PHP pages,
which is commonly done.

IIS7 natively supports this usage scenario because Forms
Authentication is a built-in module of the Integrated Pipeline. You
get a minor taste of the same effect with ASP.Net 2.0 on IIS6.

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