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1 18th September 08:35
External User
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I am migrating from 1 domain to another,

I can migrate the user from the soruce to the target perfectly, but when i
try to migrate the computer account i get the followin error:
2006-09-06 20:22:58 Starting Account Replicator.
2006-09-06 20:23:01 ERR3:7585 The account replicator is unable to continue.
Access is denied.
2006-09-06 20:23:02 Operation completed.

I have added the user that i am using on admt in local admins on the pc and
on domain admins in both domains.

Please help......
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2 19th September 01:52
External User
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I'm not sure how the account can be a member of both the domain admin groups.
A known way to get ADMT working is add the domain admins group from the
source domain into the administrators group of the target domain. Then run
the ADMT as a user that is a member of the domain admins group in the source

You don't have to use the domain admins group in the source domain just any
account that you know has rights on the source domain workstations.
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3 19th September 17:42
paul williams mvp
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I think that should be the other way round (target -> source). Although,
depending on how you set things up it might not matter. The last migration
I did I only had a one way trust, so I did it the other way round. I guess
if you're all trusted people it doesn't matter, but if you're not... ;-)

Anyway, to clarify TCs point, you cannot add a user from one domain to the
domain admins group in the other domain as its a global group (see for a summary on group scope),
therefore you don't have permissions like you think you do. Please clarify
where you are an administrator and where you aren't. Then think about how
you can make yourself (and the ADMT account) and administrator in the other

Note. The ADMT help discusses what groups you need to add the accounts
into, etc.

Paul Williams
Microsoft MVP - Windows Server - Directory Services |
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