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1 13th July 07:12
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Default Please explain

Please explain me for a better understanding how to proceed:

Before we had Small business server 2003 in the office. Simple as possible,
External WAN IP and a LAN IP (192.68.0.x)
All WinXPpro computers were part of the domain.\

Now we moved the server to a data centre. There it has its own external IP,
and of course the same internal IP on an unconnected NIC.
In the office we have a Router who can make LAN to LAN connection. It logs
in with VPN to the server and keeps the connection.
The router works with an internal IP range of 192.168.1.X for our LAN
When it connects to the WinSRV2003 in the data centre it gets an IP
169.254.x.x for the VPN connection.

What I would like to know and understand is if I can keep working with all
these different IP's or that I have to bring everything back to the same one
for LAN, (VPN) router etc.

The goal is that the WinXp machines can connect to the server as if it is on
the internal LAN, means sync folders and open shares (being in the same

What is the best setup for a setting like this:

Thanks in advance,

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2 13th July 07:13
ace fekay mvp
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Default Please explain

In, <> stated, which I commented on

A site to site VPN (tunnel) is best done with static IPs. If you want to use
DHCP to provide an ip configuration, then you would need to look into why it
is not getting an IP. The 169.254.x.x number indicates it's not getting an


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