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1 7th August 08:20
jeff goldner [ms]
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Default Nforce 4

You will need to load the nVidia drivers for the SATA controller. These are
not included inbox. Contact nVidia for more information and instructions on
how to add these drivers - it's tricky at best.
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2 7th August 08:20
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Default Nforce 4

Can you boot up the system to XP? if so create another partition and install
Vista to it.
The only time you need SATA drivers is when the HDD is completely raw.
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3 7th August 08:21
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Default Nforce 4

I tryed to start insatt from windows XP and it starts installing but after
it restarts i get a BSOD and it´s complaining on harddrive that it maybe
need som drivers. Nvidia does´nt have any drivers at the moment eather.

Mybe next CTP will work.....
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4 10th September 00:32
david hicks
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Default Nforce 4

I have a similar issue with an Asus A8N-E mobo with the nForce 4 chipset
running a hardware SATA raid and a single SATA drive that I was hoping to
install build 5270 on. From what you guys say, I should get the option
during install to press F6? Given that I was called away during install,
that would explain why it didn't function properly at reboot!

David Hicks
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5 26th September 17:04
paul kiddie
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Default Nforce 4

I had a similar problem with installing Vista on my RAIDED SATA drives, I've
got a NForce 3 motherboard but I guess this also applies to Nforce2/4 RAID
sets. I got round this by:
- Downloading the latest Nforce 4 driver pack from the Nvidia website.
- Extracting the driver pack, and then browsing to <extracted
dir>/IDE/WinXP/legacy. Copy all the files from this directory onto a blank
- Insert the Vista CD and do install from within WinXP. I attempted an
install from booting from the Vista CD and it crashed trying to load in the
extra RAID drivers.
- When it asks you what installation to do, select Custom and install onto a
freshly created partition for Vista.
- There should be an option to load driver files. Make sure you select this,
and with the driver disk inserted, select one of the 'nvraid.inf' and one of
the 'nvatabus.inf' options given. For some reason in my install I couldnt
see the 'nvatabus.inf' option so I had to unhide 'incompatible' hardware
You'll need to do this twice, one for the nvraid.inf and one for the
nvatabus.inf options
- Then carry on installing as normal
- When Vista reboots, you shouldnt get the blue screen. I got a bluescreen
when attempting to install Vista from my old NForce 3 NVRAID floppy disk,
but the drivers from the latest Nforce 4 driver pack seem to work like a

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