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1 15th October 00:46
bob willer
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Default virtual server r2 on vista b2

I have Virtual Server R2 running on Vista B2. However, I cannot get the
network connection working on a clean install of Windows XP virtual machine.
The network connection has "Limited or no connectivity". The Virtual
Machine Additions (13.552) are installed, and that didn't seem to help.

Does anybody have this working successfully?

Bob Willer [267513]
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2 15th October 00:46
zack whittaker
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Default virtual server r2 on vista b2

You might want to post this on the microsoft.public.virtualserver newsgroup
as it "feels" like a problem with Virtual Server )

Zack Whittaker
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of my employer, best friend, Ghandi, my mother or my cat. Glad we cleared
that up!

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3 15th October 00:46
andre da costa [extended64]
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Default virtual server r2 on vista b2

No its not, its a Vista issue. Its strange you can't find a solution to
problems in a program you recommend so enthusiastically. Bob, I would go
with VM Ware, it is compatible with Vista out of the box.
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Extended64 |
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4 19th March 04:52
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Default virtual server r2 on vista b2

I'm trying to run Virtual Server R2 on Vista B2 as well but when I go to the
administration web page I see an error message which states:

"The following error occurred:
An error occurred accessing the website application data folder."

This message prevents me from creating a virtual machine.

The Recent Events log on this page shows that the service is running and
started OK.

This looks like a permissions issue but since I'm logged in with admin
rights I'm not sure what I need to change. Does anyone know what the problem

An initial observation I have about Vista is that it is quite irritating to
use. When I log into a machine as an administrator I don't expect the machine
to constantly ask me if it is OK to do things which I have asked it to do.
Obviously, Microsoft have really tried to address security issues with this
release of Windows but there's a fine line between security and usability -
or am I missing something?
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