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1 16th June 02:39
today in rock
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Default Today in Rock - June 18 (player classic guitarist solo singer)

TODAY IN ROCK for Friday, June 18th:

Music events:

1973 - Mick Jagger was named in a London paternity suit by Marsha Hunt, who
claimed Jagger was the father of her two-year-old daughter. After several
legal disputes, Jagger eventually settled and acknowled he was the girl's

1974 - "Rolling Stone" magazine reported that Rare Earth drummer Peter
Hoorelbeke had been arrested after throwing his drumsticks into the crowd
during a concert.

1977 - *** Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten was slashed on his face and
hands by an angry mob, apparently upset about his song, "God Save the Queen."
The next day, *** Pistols guitarist Paul Cook was beaten up.

1980 - The film "The Blues Brothers", starring Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi,
premiered in New York City. The cult classic featured live performances by
Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and James Brown.

1987 - A woman sued Motley Crue for $5,000 claiming that she lost her hearing
because a Crue concert was too loud. A judge later dismissed the case.

1995 - Controversial rapper "The Notorious B.I.G." (a/k/a Christopher
Wallace) was arrested in Camden, N.J. on robbery and aggravated assault

World events:

1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, was defeated at Waterloo in
Belgium by the Duke of Wellington. From this battle, the term "Waterloo" came
to mean "a terrible defeat," and was immortalized in song almost 160 years
later by Abba with their 1974 hit.

1983 - Sally Ride became the very first American woman astronaut in space,
aboard the second mission of the space shuttle Challenger.

Today's celebrity birthdays:

Paul McCartney (a/k/a James Paul McCartney) [63] - influential multi-talented
singer/songwriter/bass player with The Beatles during the 1960s ("Hey Jude");
with his group Wings in the 1970s ("Silly Love Songs"), and solo during the
1980s ("Coming Up"), 1990s ("The World Tonight") and the 2000s.

Tom Bailey [48] - singer/keyboardist for the 1980s group Thompson Twins
("Hold Me Now").

Alison Moyet (a/k/a Genvieve Alison-Jane Moyet) [44] - singer with the 1980s
British group Yaz ("Only You"); solo artist in the mid-1980s ("Invisible").
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2 16th June 02:39
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Default Today in Rock - June 18

Actually the greatest immortalization in song probably belongs to the 1959
country crossover hit by Stonewall Jackson. And some versions of the
earlier oft-recorded song (standard?), "Bonaparte's Retreat" also has a line
about Waterloo.
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