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1 27th August 08:52
tim -
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Default Drum machine vs software (free them)

OK - I've been dabbling with some home recording - tried various bits of
software and demos - Quite like Cakewalk Guitar Tracks demo but no midi,
Logic/Sonar/ Cubase are too complicated (it literally took me 30 mins to set
up audio drivers on one of them) - CMuzyes is a bit clunky.

Anyway I managed to download a bunch of free drum loops but they are never
'just so' - so I thought about a standalone drum machine.

Can anyone recommend something not too expensive that has some good sounds
and that you can program your own patterns/fills etc fairly easily?

I've looked and looked and can't find any decent (free) software to do the
same thing - Fruity loops looked promising but it's all 'inna house stylee,

Any thoughts/recommendations welcomed,

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2 27th August 08:52
tim -
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Default Drum machine vs software

Any DR-3 users care to comment?

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3 27th August 08:52
steve white
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Default Drum machine vs software

Not sure I'd agree with that statement.
I believe you can load your own samples.
After that you can create more or less whatever style you want.

Steve W
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4 27th August 08:52
greg edwards
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Default Drum machine vs software (pitch brother free reverb may)

I have a Zoom RT323 which I'm more than happy with. You can create drum
tracks in various ways. There are about 400 preset patterns in just about
every style you can imagine you'll need. You are able to create basic songs
using these patterns as loops. If there's a specific pattern you need,
you're free to create one of your own, and use this in the same manner. You
can also assign up to 13 patterns/loops to the main drum pads, and record a
song in realtime, by pressing the appropriate pads at the right time. Lasty,
you can record manual drum hits in real time, for the ultimate in human
feeling drums.
The unit also has a number of bass patterns that can be used on the same
way. You can set tranposition data throughout the song tracks to set chord
It has a large number of quality sounds, and presets kits, all of which are
editable, except for reverb . Tho you should find the sounds you need.

Many of these features are standard in most drum machines, so try a few out
in the shops.

Alternatively, if you want to persevere in the software route, may I suggest
a CD called Smartloops Dry Studio Kit:

This CD contains a myriad of professionaly record drums loop in wav audio,
and matching midi versions. All of the loops have been 'Acidized'. This
means that with a program like Sonar, if you insert the loops, and then
decide to change the tempo, you can, and the loops will automatically
stretch to fit, without changing pitch. Also works the other way round too,
you can insert transposition points (as on the drum machine) and the loops
will automatically change ptich (not so useful on drums, but great on
instrument tracks. record one guitar riff, and repeat in over the whole
song, chaning key for you).
This also comes with a soundfont (sf2) of the same drumkit used in the
loops. This allows you to create your own fills in a midi track if you can't
find one you want, and use the same drum sound.
If you don't like the drum sound itself, just use the midi loops and use
this to trigger better drum samples or a sf2. (Many people here swear by the
Golddrums sf2. I personally favour the Sonic Implants Blue Jay Drums that
came as a demo sf2 with Sonar 2.
Sonar also has a pattern painter tool in the piano roll window, with presets
for different drum patterns. e.g. snares, kicks, hi-hats etc. Again, use
these to trigger real drums sample, and Roberts yer fathers brother.

Hope this all helps you out.

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5 27th August 08:52
tim -
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Default Drum machine vs software (free think painter)


that's excellent - yes it sounds like a machine like that is exactly what
I'm after. It's hard to try 'em in a shop and make any informed judgement
not knowing what are typical features but that helps alot.

I actually used the Smartloops free samples from their website so far - they
do sound good.

Tried the Sonar demo and it sort of scared me - the drum patterm painter was
very clever - I think the sheer amount of options got me lost and therefore
got in the way of what I was trying to achieve - plus it's a but pricey for
my amateur needs.

I look out for a Zoom . . .

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6 27th August 08:52
fred x
External User
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Default Drum machine vs software

Eh up,
I use fruity loops studio and it is excellent, download a demo of it from and have a play around. If you tweak around with it you
don't have to become MC Talentless and can come up with some cool sounding
drum tracks

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7 27th August 08:52
greg edwards
External User
Posts: 1
Default Drum machine vs software (think painter)

You could always try Cakewalk Home Studio 2003 (or 2004 whatever one's
current, I lose track). This is just like sonar, with a few of the expensive
pro bits stripped out. It still handle acidized loops, and has an unlimited
track count. There's just a limit on the number of fx plugins you can have
running...16 i think. Most of us rarely reach that amount, even with the
full blown pro versions. Not sure if it has the pattern painter tho. Might
be worth having a squint over at the cakewalk site. I do know that's it's
darn cheap

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8 27th August 08:52
ruff sailor
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Posts: 1
Default Drum machine vs software

Even the very humble (and about 35 on Amazon, cheap) Cakewalk Plasma has
oodles of easy use features (and handles acidised loops). Very useful and
cheap tool.

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