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1 8th May 08:09
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Default New mp3 of Invention #4 at Savage Classical (them one way)

New mp3 of the above, plus ... The Well Tempered Bach collection now
includes Prelude and Fugue #8.

Also working the entire Book of Inventions and Well Tempered and Cello
Suites for full blown recording.

I'm preparing excerpts (mp3s) of all associated pieces. Quick, easy
listening type of stuff to give you an idea of what's going on with
the music. You would just listen to them off of the server this way,
saving a whole bunch of hassle one way or the other. They'll average
30 seconds or so and will average 160kbps.

I'm working on arranging to offer more "complete" mp3s, but it is
becoming increasingly difficult for various reasons.

Enjoy the music, as I've enjoyed sharing some of my music as well as
some of my lunacy with all of you. I've had a lot of fun, well, most

Richard F. Sayage
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