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1 11th April 14:03
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Default Michael needs your input ! (so time)

This is the oddest survey I've ever seen.

The start of the survey was standard - they want to know your basic
demographics so that they can get a feel for their target audience.
No problem there.

After that, they want to know how willing you are to volunteer your
time to promote MJ. Okay, that creeps me out, but it's not unusual
and others have done the same. For example, when the SciFi Channel
aired a new Babylon5 movie called "Legend of the Rangers', they got
people to have their card wrapped with LotR ads. There's not enough
money in the world to get me to do something that geeky, but I already
have a life.

After that, it just got odd.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following

I need to know everything about Michael
I have gone to extremes to get a glimpse of Michael (e.g. camped
outside a hotel
I consider myself Michael's biggest fan
I would travel to a Michael Jackson-based event outside my home
country with very short notice (e.g. 1 week)
I would do almost anything to get close to Michael or get a glimpse
of him
I frequently give gifts to Michael
I feel that I know Michael really well
Michael is the most important person in the world to me

In your opinion, what would a true Michael Jackson fan do?

Always know where Michael is, even when he's not making a public
Go to the gates of Neverland
Camp outside of Michael's hotel
Follow Michael's tour bus

Please rank the following reasons you are a fan of Michael, where 1 is
the most important reason you are a fan and 7 is the least important
reason. Please ensure that you do NOT rank any items equally.

Michael's basic goodness and warmth as a human being
Michael's innovative dancing and performing
How artistic Michael is in designing special places like Neverland
The money and effort Michael spends on helping less fortunate people
The creativity Michael shows in his music
Michael's intriguing private life
Michael's susceptibility to excessive media attention

I just snipped out the parts that squicked me the most. Go read the
whole thing yourselves. Is MJ recruiting for a fan club or a cult?

Regards, Podkayne Fries

Born to count beans.
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