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1 23rd January 08:01
chris rockcliffe
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Default Ann: Pete Smith & John Buckley 18/7/03 (acoustic guitar free classical them gypsy)

This Friday 18th July - one of the UK's finest acoustic guitar duos


At The George p.h. The Square, Buxton Derbys. UK
Starts approx 9.30pm 'til midnight (late bar). Free entry

Pete Smith and John Buckley - guests at RMMGA UK5 and UK6 - are playing a
concert this Friday in Buxton. They play a wide range of extraordinary
fingerstyle pieces, from blues to trad' folk tunes, to pop and jazz
standards and in almost every genre from latin rhythms, to neo classical and
gypsy jazz. This duo are really going places and this is a real treat for
guitar players and music fans alike.

John Renbourn - who played UK6 and Buxton Club Acoustic back in March -
expressed astonishment at the ability of these two. The George's Sue Jordan
also met the pair briefly back then and was delighted to stage this concert
in her venue for them during this current Buxton Festival. There will also
be a free new comedy review at the same venue earlier from 8pm - 9pm a good
laugh and well worth seeing - so come early!

What have people been saying about these two... ?

"... Pete Smith, one of the best guitarists I've ever heard".
KB.Top Bell Music.

". These guys are seriously talented and great entertainment.... book them!"
(Roger Moggs, organiser, East Midlands R&B Festival)

"BUT, for me, the highlight was Pete Smith and John Buckley. What a pair of
players. Everyone should hear them play, a mixture of Django, straight ahead
jazz, songs that just make you gasp in amazement about how good they both
are. They did a 40-min set on Sunday night that was a pure joy to hear. ....
we should spread the word. They REALLY are that good".
Nigel Tucker, MC. UK6.

"Pete and John played a set so fantastic that I cannot describe it with
words". Steven Hawkins. USA

"People talk about tapestries of sound but this was more like the seven
veils.... I've never heard such harmonies even from full orchestras...These
guys need gigs, and should be famous worldwide".
David Kilpatrick. Recording Artist / Folk Club organiser.

"Pete Smith and John Buckley - what can I say? Pete is not only an
incredible musician, but also a seriously funny person..and John is an
equally amazing player...if you run a gig anywhere - just book them and
stand well back..."
Bob Thomas (ex Silly Wizard)

"...Pete Smith, one of the finest players I have ever seen"
Al Evans, Texas, USA

Pete Smith & John Buckley: "Wow! There are no other words. Let's all get
behind these guys and give them all our support".

Pete Smith and John Buckley - "close your eyes, suspend reality and its
Django Reinhardt and Leo Kottke in concert at the Wheatsheaf"!

"Pete Smith and John Buckley are probably the most outstanding guitarists I
have ever seen. They have said that they can't get gigs because they aren't
known. Well, I really hope that that doesn't last for long. The British
public is missing out on an exceptional duo".
Ronan Toomey. Dublin, Eire.

......"they played with prodigious talent, fluidity and style. I can heartily
recommend them to anyone..."
Andrew Hay, Solihull Guitar Society.

"Pete Smith played Buxton Club Acoustic this Wed' together with his duo
partner John Buckley ...and they were stunning!"
Chris Rockcliffe.

"great empathy and humour". David R. Whyte. Fingers and ****** guitar
society. Nottingham.

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2 28th January 02:26
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Default Ann: Pete Smith & John Buckley 18/7/03

Isn`t EVERYONE? Pete (what day is it?) Smith
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3 30th January 09:33
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Default Ann: Pete Smith & John Buckley 18/7/03 (think)

You take your (musical) life in your hands going anywhere near Pete
and John and their playing!! Not only can these guys really play
(think Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and Tommy Emmanuel meet Django
Reinhardt, Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery), but also Pete is one of the
funniest men on the planet....whatever you do, don't listen to their
arrangement of Chopsticks...........and don't say I didn't warn

Pete, you and John have a great gig - wish I could be there, but I'm
still in therapy after your last visit south of the Watford Gap! They
tell me I'll be better soon........

All the best

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